Cowpen Club Improvements

The Cowpen Sports & Leisure club in Billingham is my local club for playing Snooker and Pool. With Pool being more popular and due to the increase in competitions and money matches, the club manager has decided to create a pool match room. It will feature a brand new Supreme table, Live camera, new seating area and sponsored advertising boards around the walls. and other members of the club are chipping in to help with the transformation. Here’s what the room looked like at the start..

cowpen club snooker table

As you can see, that big old snooker table must go! We tried selling it but the cloth was badly worn and moving it would be expensive. We therefore came up with the genius idea of taking the cloth off, turning it upside down and re-clothing a ripped table in the club with it. After undoing a few bolts and taking out a zillion tacks.. We had it whipped it off in no time..

slate bed
The underneath of the cloth looked like new and wasn’t too tricky to fit either. Look what we did !! How nice is this for a 20 year old cloth..
The only problem was that we stretched it a bit more to hide a small glued nick in the cloth near a corner pocket and due to the stretching, the cloth on the drop of the pockets was difficult to fit flush..


After a bit of tucking, trimming and gluing, it was tidy enough to play on. I tested it myself and it really did feel like a brand new cloth. Right, now we needed to dispose of the rest of the donor table. When we separated the slates, I found it rather amusing that someone in the past had used a playing card to help level the table !!! Surely not?…


Anyway, a local He-Man dismantled the 30 stone slates and rest of the table so the room is now empty and we can now make a start on the Pool Match Room. The next stage will be fixing the carpet, switching the lighting over and then getting the new table in. We will update this page as it happens……….

Mark Davies.