8 Ball Pool Drills & Snooker Drills/Practice Routines

The best form of practice for pool or snooker is to play a game with an opponent. But if you find yourself down the club and wanting to improve your game then you should certainly practice the following routines to help you with difficult parts of the game. These routines are also known as ‘Drills’.
Here are our favourite Snooker & Pool drills..


No Cannon/ No Cush

Now this may look easy but it’s going to annoy you 🙂
The idea of this drill is to learn close control of the white ball and to think a couple of shots in advance. Start by setting the balls up as shown below, then place the white anywhere you wish. All you have to do is pot the lot without any balls hitting a cushion or cannoning another ball. Easy ? It will get easier as you practice it. If you manage it on your first attempt, well done but keep trying it as you won’t get it every time!

pool square practice routine

All on the cush

Ok, for this one, set the balls up as seen and place the white anywhere you wish to start. The idea is again to pot the lot. It will help improve playing shots down the rail. It’s one of the hardest drills there is but don’t lose interest as it will teach you a lot! If you can pot all 6 without missing then you will no doubt have had to play some difficult positional shots and made some very awkward pots.

potting balls down the rail


This is a fun way to also learn potting down the rail but is good for a challenge to your friends. Mark an ‘X’ on the table with your chalk where the red and white balls are positioned in the picture below, then place the balls on these marks. Now simply see how many times you can pot the object ball out of 10. Mark from Pot The Lot invented this one, so let’s see how you compare.. His best so far is 8 out of 10. If you can get over 5 out of 10 and see this shot in a game, then you know it’s a percentage shot in which you have more than a 50% chance of potting. It’s good practice.. let us know how you get on.

8 ball cushion shot practice

Traffic Light Line Up

Another of Mark’s bright ideas this one.. Working left to right, try to pot all the reds in order, then go back up the table potting the yellows in order. When it becomes easy, try doing this without the cue ball hitting a cushion. If it’s Snooker you’re practicing then just use the colours instead of the yellows.

line up pool practice routine

3 and 6

A final bit of fun from Mark… This is an ideal pool drill to play if you get 7 balled in pool.
Place a ball over every pocket, start where you wish and try to pot them all in just 3 shots!
That’s right.. 3 shots! This means you pretty much need to pot 2 per shot. There’s only one way I’ve sucessfully managed this so I’ll upload the video if I can do it again. Send us in your videos if you can manage it too.

po the lot pool trick shot