WXS Pool Cue, 58 Inches 21 Oz 1/2 Jointed Maple Hardwood Ameician Cue Handmade 13mm Tip

Fine workmanship, each club is handmade, hand-selected, hand-polished, hand-set, hand-installed and tested, each club is a masterpiece!

Forelimb material: hard maple

Leather type: high hardness electric wood head + red 1mm rear cushion

Length: 148.5 cm

Weight: 19-21 oz

Tip: 13 mm

Specifications: 3/4 split

Grip diameter: 32 mm

Interface: Uni-Loc mini threaded warhead three-tooth joint

Applicable to the ball: nine balls, black eight, snooker, etc.

Club classification: nine ball club


Manually measure the size of the club. If there are any errors, the actual error will prevail.

Since the clubs are made of pure wood, the styles of the woods are different.Before the delivery, the limbs are mainly in kind.

Hand-polished: There are artisans hand-polished, straightness is guaranteed, spirituality, beauty, delicate, strong and transparent, feel good.
High adhesion, low stability, high humidity control and shock absorption.
High-quality maple wood quality: wood hardness is moderate, wood is dense, the pattern is beautiful, the gloss is good, and the bird’s eye or tiger’s back pattern is often used for the decoration of high quality wood.
Poison warhead three-tooth interface: This interface is one of the most popular power transmission buckle artifacts at present, it can be more transparent to complete the power transmission.
Both inside and outside: gorgeous appearance + strength to play valuable materials to show the taste, the shaft is smooth and evenly elastic and smooth, the strength is strong, just to make you better.

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