Jonny 8 Ball 55″ 3 Piece RED HAWK English Pool Cue 8.5mm Tip + 6″ MINI EXTENSION

This cue is purpose made for the English pool player as it can be shortened for space restrictive shots (playing pool in pubs) or extended if a little extra length is needed.
Quality North American matching ash grain shaft; Quick release brass joints and quick release extension joints; Solid Rosewood 4 prong machine spliced butt
Double jointed, 3 piece cue with a mini butt extension; Mini butt extension screws into either the mid joint or shaft so cue can be shortened to different lengths and is still comfortable to play with; Cue can also be extended using mini butt – screws into the butt end
Cue is available in 16oz, 17oz or 18oz Request a weight and we’ll do our best to match it; Cue measures 55″
Attractive burgundy stained mid section; Brass ferrule with 8.5mm blue leather ‘stick-on’ tip; 1 x mini butt extension – approx 6″
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Price: £49.95

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