WXS Pool Cues, Leisure 57″ Snooker Black Eight Black 8 Weighted Billiard Bar Set Billiards Supplies Accessories Effective Moisture 9.8mm Tip

Forelimbs: ash

Hind limb: ebony

Specifications: 3/4 split

Color: After the matte black

Club classification: Noske club

Length: 145 cm

Head: 9.8~10mm

Environment: private club company, etc.

Weight: 17.5~19.5oz

Applicable: Black Eight Snooker Nine Balls, etc.


The center of gravity of the club is slightly thicker, so the straightness of the roll table test is not accurate. It should be at the light source to see if the head and the back are in a line.

Because the club is made of solid wood, each weight is different, and the weight range is generally around 17.5~19.5oz.

The shape of the fish belly is better. The 1/3 of the club is designed with a more forceful fish belly shape, so the club is more powerful, not soft and dull.
Easy to get started: Increase the weight of 30g, make the club more controllable, even if there is no basis for hitting the ball, it can be easily used, easy to use the club, the club is also very suitable for customers to use.
No maintenance required: After the ebony wood is made, the matte finish is treated to effectively prevent moisture and reduce the energy spent on maintenance.
Delicate touch: The black matte feels delicate, which can reduce the slippery and bun of sweat when hitting the ball. The cool and frosty black lacquer finish and the unconventional color match.
Long service life: the forefoot wood is made of white wax and old wood, and then treated with ebony matte finish to improve the overall durability, non-human damage, long service life

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