Jonny 8 Ball PINK RISS Double Shaft Ash Pool Cue & CASE – Choose TWO Shafts

Our stylish RISS range – the ultimate adjustable cues that lead the way in innovative cue design. Change the weight, change the length and change the shaft to improve your game!
Why use the same tip throughout a game? Rapidly change shafts to a different tip size to improve skill level. Certain shots can be performed better with a more suitable tip size. 10mm for breaking, 8mm for precision cue ball control, 9mm for general play. Try different shafts, tips sizes and density without changing your cue.
Choose your TWO shafts – 8mm Ash, 8.5mm Ash, 9mm Ash, 9.5mm Ash, 9.5 Maple, 10mm Ash or 13mm Maple – Message us after purchase
?57? cue with centre joint ? butt and shaft each measure approx. 74cm
?Three section butt comprises 14cm butt end, 27cm handle, 30cm forearm
?Remove ?handle? section but retain ?butt end? to shorten cue to 46?
?Alternatively, simply remove the ?butt end? or ?handle? to shorten cue to 53? or 41?
?Super quick release stainless steel joint ? remove or add RISS shaft in seconds
?Black rubber grip handle for added cue control and shock absorption
?Painted black hardwood butt with contemporary decal design
?4 x removable stainless steel weight rings ? each weigh 1/4oz (7g)
?RISS Premium Ash Shaft ? sanded for smooth cueing action
?RISS ? Rapid Interchangeable Shaft System ? use any RISS shaft with this cue
?Thick rubber butt end protector
?Jonny 8 Ball logo on butt end
?Weights usually available 18oz, 19oz and 20oz
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Price: £68.94

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