Sliveal Pool Table Felt Billiard TableCloth For 8 Foot Table Choose From English Green, Worsted Blend Fast Speed Pool Table Felt, Improving Sports Game Performance For Home Club landmark

Not easy to pilling, not easy to lose hair, high density, fine cloth surface, ball speed is very fast.

Name: Tablecloth
Material: fiber
Width: about 1.45m/57.09in
Weight: about 220 grams per gram
Length: The length of a roll is about 70-110 meters/2755.91-4330.71in. The length can be cut freely.
Color: green
Use surface: The suede facing up is used as a using surface.

Packing List:

✔ High Density: The tablecloth is not easy to pilling and not easy to lose hair with a high density.
✔ Delicate Cloth: The tablecloth is very delicate and the ball speed is very fast.
✔ Durable to Use: The tablecloth can be cut and accurately used, so it is durable to use.
✔ Perfect Venue Creation: The tablecloth can create the perfect venue and more accurate ball.
✔ Wide Functions: The tablecloth enhances playability and improves sports game performance.

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Price: £9.26

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