Elkmaster Snooker or Pool Cue Tips & Supafile Value Pack

Great value accessory pack, including Elkmaster cue tips and the Supafile tip tool. Made from a specially treated compressed leather, these Elkmaster cue tips are of the highest quality and used by many top professional players. They are impregnated with chalk, giving the cue tip higher consistency which in turn reduces miscuing and allows for more grip and spin on the cue ball. In this pack you also get the Supafile, a convenient tool that will easily sculpt and roughen your cue tips. Your cue will easily slot in to the cylindrical file for tip shaping (for tips up to 11mm), whilst on the outside there is a straight emery file. A great addition to your collection and will fit neatly in your cue case. Assemble your perfect kit with a 5 or 10 pack of tips in 8mm up to 11mm diametre. *Please note that subject to availability, you may receive either a red or blue Supafile.
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