Lixada 25MM / 32MM /38MM Children Billiards Table Balls Set Resin Small Pool Cue Balls Full Set

Set includes: 7 striped balls, 7 monochrome balls, 1 black eight-ball and 1 white ball.
The size of the ball is moderate, the quality is good and the materials used are very eco-friendly, making it the best choice for your leisure and sports activities.
Perfect roundness and balance ensure a smooth stroke.For accurate strokes and moves, you get good quality plastic balls with accurate geometry and smooth, long, quiet, and precise running or rolling properties. That means they have an optimal center of gravity.
Made of polyester resin, impact and scratch resistant.High-quality ball set for billiards, pool or snooker for hobby and recreational players and are polished to a high gloss.
Suitable for game rooms, bars, sports and leisure exercisesQuality Pool Ball Set
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