Riley ASI Weight Adjustable 2 Piece North American Ash Snooker/Pool Cue- 145cm- 9.5mm tip with soft cue case

Riley introduce the ASI grip system, a smoother coating designed to absorb vibration when the player strikes the cue ball. This cue comes with the patented WAC system to allow the player to adjust the weight of their cue to suit their playing style.Quality North American Ash Shaft as preferred by snooker and pool players
Riley ASI grip for a smoother, more controlled feel and less vibration every time you strike the cue ball.
Hard wearing 9.5mm leather tip, ideal for Snooker and English pool
Riley WAC system allows the player to adjust the weight of the cue to suit their preference
Comes with a soft case to protect your snooker/ pool cue in transit
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Price: £69.99

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