Dunn’s Snooker cue push on telescopic extension for full size tables

Product parameters:
Color: black
Can extend: Expands to any length between 72cm and 100cm
Material: ABS for insertion part, and aluminium for handle.
Use: snooker cues

Packing list
British extension*1
Fits all Cues, universal Push on Telescopic Cue Extension just like those being used in professional matches. Suit any cues with butt diameters as large as 31mm, easy to insert and withdraw without difficulty.
The cue butt insertion part is made of long lasting hard ABS body, with aluminum handle, which will lasts for a long time with good quality.
Expands to any length between 72cm and 100cm.
The blue ring will securely fasten to the chosen length. The weak points are all well designed to ensure stability and no bending.
Don’t miss a good position, or even a century without it.

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Price: £15.99

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