BCE Mark Selby 2 Piece North American Ash Snooker Cue- 145cm- 9.5mm tip with soft case

An ideal starter pack for new snooker players – this Mark Selby Ash Cue is in the popular two piece configuration and supplied with a soft case to protect it when not in use. North American ash is used for the shaft and birds eye maple for the front splice.Quality North American Ash Shaft as preferred by snooker and pool players
Endorsed by Mark Selby, who has held both Snooker and English Pool World Championship titles
Hard wearing 9.5mm leather tip, ideal for Snooker and English pool
Genuine veneer inlay and stained birds eye maple front splice for that traditional snooker hall appearance
Comes with a BCE soft cue case to protect your snooker/ pool cue in transit
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Price: £69.99

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