WOODS CUES 11 mm Snooker/Pool Cue Pigskin Layered Tip, Hard/Medium/Soft/Supper Soft, Black

Woods Cues, founded in 1985, a family oriented manufacturer, has been making one of the world’s finest cues throughout its history.
We have given the industry best quality at a reasonable price.
We own a huge variety of cues constructed from hand spliced butt woods, face splices & veneers while the shafts are selected exquisitely American Ash & Canadian Maple, which are intelligently kiln dried, dehumidified and processed under high standards.

CAUTION: Please note that quantities under 50 will not be sent in the box.
Size: 11 mm, Thickness: 5.6 mm
Made from 6 layers of specially selected japan pig skin, offering 4 hardness option.
Giving the tip a black color and making it humidity resistant due to its moisture proof tanning technology.
Cue Tips are sold in 2 pieces up to a box of 50 pieces/pack.
Simple to fit, easy to shape and hold chalk like a traditional pressed tip.
Lasting for ages and griping the cue ball better.

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