Grand-58″ Handmade 3/4 Piece Zebra Wood+Black Ebony Snooker Cue#VB01

Item Included: Only one cue.Cue Length: 58″, Weight: 18oz-20oz, Tip:9.5mm Material:Zebra Wood+Black Ebony Hand Spliced Butt,Canadian Ash Shaft. Ferrule: Brass Ferrule, Brass Vacuum Joint. Each cue has its own wood grain/pattern, we will select the cue randomly to ship.Length: 58″, Weight: 18oz-20oz, Tip:9.5mm. Cues are perfectly Straight and Stiff and Superbly balanced.
Material: Zebra Wood+Black Ebony Hand Spliced Butt,Canadian Ash Shaft
Brass Ferrule, Brass Vacuum Joint.Have female joint in the butt.
Item including: 1 x cue
Cue may vary slightly from the pictured sample for it is handmade. And Each cue have each grain,I will ship at random.
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Price: £55.00

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