SHUNING USB Lighter Most Popular Electronic Rechargeable Cigarette Arc Lighter Favorite Windproof Flamess Mini Portable Lighter

Product Name:USB Cigar Lighter
Material:High quality ABS
Size: 93*32mm
Battery Capacity:220mAh
Charge Time: 1-1.5hours,A full charge can be use for 300 cycles.When the LED charging indicator is off, it indicates full charge.
Features: Battery Indicator Display,Fastr Ignition,Fancy Design.
Package Include:
1x Dual Arc Lighter
1x USB Cable
1xUser Instructions
1xGift box
How to use: 1.When the lid is opened, the LED light automatic lighting, indicating the electricity state, preparation for electrification.
2.Touch the touch sensor, start discharging, you can ignite.
3.By moving the fingers of the hand closer to the range of the touch sensor, it is possible to start and ignite the discharge (sensitive distance ≤ 5 MM of the touch sensor).
4.Release the touch sensor, stop discharging, ignition completed.
5.When closing the lid, discharging will not start even if you touch the touch sensor.
6.Please close the lid after completion of ignition.

1.Not suitable for children under 8 years. it is a electric lighter ,not a toy .
3. DO NOT place the lighter in water or other.liquids.this lighter windproof but not waterproof.
SAFE & SAVE— USB Rechargeable Windproof, Flameless Lighter, No gas required, no fluid required, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.
RECHARGEABLE &FLAMELESS— The internal lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for liquid fuel, and it can be easily recharged via any USB port using the included cord.
WIDELY USE&CONVENIENT—The waterproof electric lighter ignition sparks a flame even in wet conditions.Compact lighter is nicely pocketable, great for Cigarette Candle Cigar Pipe hunting backpacking and hiking.
TELESCOPIC DESIGN — The pipe of the arc lighter can be extended and shortened at will, suitable for cigarette/candle/bbq.etc.
CUSTOMER SERVICE—-If you have any question or hesitation about our windproof dual arc lighter, please free contact us via amazon. Our support team will reply within 24 hours for any technical support.

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