Mystery Pool Cue Mantikor, approx 147 cm 2 Piece Set in 2 Colours choices with Standard 1/2 Black Case

The new brand name Mantikor combines high standard of quality with fantasy design. This tasteful silver and turquoise decoration in the bottom part to compliment any cue to create a unique piece of jewellery. The selected maple wood is even equipped with high quality nylon grip tape. An additional feature is the Butcap (outer) in steel mirror polished. Cue length 147 cm 2 pieces case standard black made from 1/2 (Red lining). The Division of compartments in the case, Case and bag with 2 pillowcase, all other sizes come with numbers. The Erstgenannte describes the number of the cue base and of each curtain in 46 inchs and the number of tops, the recording. E.g. 2/4 means that sections for 2 base and 4 upper parts. This means that you can this two complete cues and 2 additional replacement caps. Model: 1/1 is therefore suitable for storage of 1 x Base + 1 X Top = 1 complete cue.Length approx. 147 cm 2 pieces
Top quality nylon handle ribbon
Cue Top from maple wood
The Butcap (outer) made from steel mirror polished
13 mm Professional Adhesive leather
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