Black Temptation 1 PCS Cue Sport Snooker USA Pool Billiard Balls 57.2 mm /2-1/4 – NO.13

Ships from Hong Kong. Billiards is a widely popular in the international elegant indoor sports, a ball with a club stage, relying on the game-winning score is calculated to determine the indoor entertainment sports. Fine workmanship, Gloss, good elasticity, hardness, fast response in the crash.Ball Diameter: about 57.2 mm (2.25 inch) /2-1/4
Material: resin + gypsum, Widely use this material ball can also help you protect elephant
Fine workmanship, gloss, good elasticity, hardness, fast response in the crash.
Be suitable for: the American play, 16 color ball, Chinese Eight Ball, English Billiards fancy nine ball and so on
Textural and make you happy
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Price: £13.09

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