TaylorMade CLASSIC Solid Ebony and Ash Hand Spliced SnookerCUE & CASE Set

Gary Taylor – owner, designer and producer of Taylor Made cues has 30 years of experience making cues for players of all standards, including the cue used by Stuart Bingham when he won the 2015 World Snooker Championship. Manufactured in high-grade facilities in Thailand, the base cues are examined to ensure only the best make it to Spain where the cues are left to naturally dry in the warm climate. This process is much longer then kiln drying, but it results in a cue that is perfectly straight with little to no “whip”. The cues then come to the UK where they are expertly graded and hand finished for the UK market.
•58” ¾ jointed cue suitable for Snooker & Pool
•Grade AA Ash shaft – air dried, perfectly straight and stiff with excellent ‘arrows’
•9.3mm – 9.5mm Elk Master Pro tip – shaped ready for play
•4-point solid Ebony butt
•Brass ferrule
•Solid brass quick release vacuum joint
•Superbly balanced
•Brass extension joint in the butt
•6″ Mini Butt extension
•12″ Telescopic extension
•Black case with reinforced plastic ends
•Cues weigh 17.5 – 18.5oz
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Price: £149.95

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