Riley 7ft Semi Pro Pool Table

Probably the finest composite bed pool table Riley have ever produced. An extra thick composite playing field is braced and supported by a metal frame to provide a near slate quality playing surface. The quality is apparent as soon as a ball is struck, and players remark on the quality of the surface. The table is fitted with competition quality K66 rubber cushions to provide maximum response during play. And, what’s more, unlike most games tables, the cloth and cushions on the Riley Semi Pro can be replaced once they are worn out – this extends the life of the table beyond that of any competing games table at this level. 25mm Composite bed playing surface – more than double the thickness of many competing composite bed tables
Metal frame and metal bracing to provide greater rigidity to the playing surface
Competition K66 cushion rubber for maximum response
Re-coverable cloth and cushions for maximum lifespan of the table
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Price: £729.99

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