Fingabol El Diez Football Unisex Adult’s Table, Light Blue

fingabol, the new set. Inspiration, Brazil and made in France
Easy and exciting. From Time to Time the players get to mark into your opponent’s goal. Calculate your paths, use the strips in a face to face an exhilarating experience where every bounce is Dec
Optimal playability. Designed in aluminium for its light, spike shoe is circular in rubber for the most accurate rebounds and nervous systems.
Slip Extreme. The tray is made of varnished wood to ensure amazing glide and durable material won’t weigh you down. 2 players are fixed to prevent, or use as a backing board for score.
Tray real wood lacquered. Plastic frame, players and abacus. Puck aluminum and rubber. Size: L 63 x W 44 x H 4 cm. Weight: 3, 6 KG. Notice: FR, UK
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Price: £87.47

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