BETTERLINE Billiard Wooden Cue Rack for 6 Pool Sticks, Cue Bridge Spider Head, Cue Cross X Rest, Cue Accessories, 5 Cue Chalk Cubes and 2 Pool Table Spot Stickers


The BetterLine cue pool stick rack set comes with a 2-piece wooden rack (including mounting screws), 1 brass spider bridge head for cue stick, 1 X-shaped cross rest for cue stick, cue stick accessories such as extra cue tips, cue chalk cubes and 2 table spot stickers. This set is essential for anyone looking for billiard game accessories for their pool table at home, country club, man cave, game room, billiard club, or community center.


🎱 Standard Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Cue Rack: The 2-piece pool stick rack is made of stained wood, is durable and holds up to 6 billiard cue sticks. The pre-drilled holes make it easy to mount onto any wall with 4 screws (included)

🎱 CUE BRIDGE SET: The set includes 2 types of cue bridges: 1 brass spider bridge head (Size = 9.5cm length, 6.5cm wide, and 2.5cm depth /1.2cm diameter hold for cue stick) and 1 cross rest head (Size = Size = 6.5cm length, 6.5cm wide, and 3cm depth / 1.2cm diameter hold for cue stick)

🎱 BONUS ACCESSORIES: This set includes bonus cue chalk cubes, 2 table spot dot stickers, spare cue tips and other bonus cue stick accessories. (Actual cue sticks not included)

🎱 Hassle-Free Guarantee: BetterLine stands behind the quality of its products. Contact us if you have any questions or issues with your product.

🎱 COMPLETE CUE RACK SET: This billiard cue rack set includes a wooden cue pool stick holder for 6 sticks (cue sticks not included), 1 brass cue spider bridge head, 1 brass X cross rest, screws for mounting the cue rest, cue chalk cubes, and bonus 2 table spot stickers. Perfect for your home pool table, community center, game room, man cave or billiards club.
🎱 HIGH QUALITY WOODEN RACKS: The 6 cue wall mounted billiard stick holder is made of solid stained wood and features pre-drilled holes so it can be mounted on any wall with 4 screws which are included. Cues need to be stored properly and this space-saving wall mounted cue rack will help you do just that.
🎱 COMPLETE CUE BRIDGE SET: The set includes a short spider cue bridge head with 5 cue rest positions for versatility of shots and a “X” cross rest bridge with rubberized legs to ensure a stable grip and protection on the billiard table
🎱 BONUS ACCESSORIES: To make sure you have all the billiard accessories you need, the set also includes extra cue accessories including cue chalks, cue tips, table spot stickers, and more (see images).
🎱 100% HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE: We strive to provide quality products and service. While our products are made of high-quality material, should you have any issue with your purchase, feel free to contact us for a full refund or exchange. Your happiness with your purchase is our #1 priority!

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