Scott Edward Snooker Table Billiard Ball Rail Set of 6, Brass Ring and Leather Stripes

Brass plated tracks, brass plated ring, brass plated rods wrapped smooth rubber outside,leather strips

Total length: approx. 35cm
Leather strips leagth: approx. 25cm
Diameter: approx. 6.5cm

Package Includes:

Scope of application:
snooker and pool table common orbital track.① 6pcs/lot fits most standard pool tables
② Brass plated ring, it won’t get rusty. And sturdy brass plated rod, wrapped smooth rubber outside. Elegant ,stylish and durable.
③ Easy to install. Each brass plated ring has a screw hole, easy to fix the tracks. There is a leather strip at another side, each leather strip has 5 holes, adjusting height and length. And you can connect to billiard table.
④ They can hold more billiard balls, and more convenient to take and sort out the balls. A brilliant choice for billiard accessories.

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Price: £34.31

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