Taom Soft Gold Cue Chalk (S2321)

Taom Chalk “SOFT” Gold: (S2321) The latest new addition to the Taom Cue Chalk family. This soft cue chalk has been developed for all types of snooker and pool cue tips. The advanced soft compound creates more grip, and the chalk is easier to use. Perfect for players who seek maximum spin and control for high cue power. It gives a clean touch with no bad contacts and leaves no residue. Available as single pieces in Green Only. Please Note: This new “SOFT” Taom cue chalk is NOT a new version or an upgrade of the earlier Taom Chalk but is a completely new chalk developed by Taom and hand made in Finland and is wrapped in a Gold paper wrap with Black print with the “SOFT” printed in white. See pictures above.Taom SOFT Gold
The latest new addition Taom Cue Chalk
Suitable for all Cue Tips and types
More grip and easier to apply.
Creates maximum feel, spin & control.
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Price: £19.98

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