Jonny 8 ball TURQUOISE HAWK 3 Section Rapid Shorten English Pool Cue – 8mm Tip

A popular cue with pub pool players – the rapid shorten system (RSS) allows cue to be quickly shortened to 45” for space restrictive shots whilst the 8mm tip gives precision cue ball control.
57” double jointed cue with centre joint – butt and shaft each measure 74cm; Shaft = 74cm, mid-section = 33cm, butt end = 41cm; Screw butt end into shaft to shorten cue to 45” and retain a comfortable grip; Alternatively, simply remove the butt end to shorten cue to 41”
Quick release brass joints – put cue together and take apart in seconds; Rosewood machine spliced 4 point solid wood butt; Real Maple front splice, with turquoise veneer and stained Ash forearm
8mm Elk Master leather ‘stick-on’ tip – conditioned ready for play; North American PREMIUM ash shaft with brass ferrule; Jonny 8 Ball name badge and leather butt end protector
Extension compatible – butt takes screw-in extension (extensions sold separate); Weights available 17oz, 18oz and 19oz; Request your weight via message and we’ll do our best to supply it!
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Price: £39.95

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