Billiard Balls “Premium” Aramith 2 ¼ “) Pool

‘1 Set Pool Balls “Premium Aramith balls 57,2 mm; Cue Ball 57,2 mm. Original Belgian quality.
The baubles range, with a diameter of 57,2 mm correspond to international tournament size. ‘ For several decades the Belgian Aramith Bar Billiards Balls can enjoy a legendary reputation in terms of exceptionally long life and outstanding quality. Played by almost 80% of pool or snooker player the world, are you in the industry as “The benchmark par excellence. The first-class products that do not have the same quality Aramith balls is the result of a by Saluc in Belgium hochtechnisierten production process in which the unique properties of phenolic resin with gediegener Belgian craftsmanship. Your constant reliable haarscharfe Precision, your exceptionally long service life reduces annual ball costs of tabletop running to a minimum.
, Famous Aramith his legendary reputation as a certification for real and unbeatable quality and verteidigt it already almost for half a century.
An investment for life.
Aramith phenolic balls last up to five times longer than other balls made from polymers or polyester designed. On With The Pool Game Simulator prove that even after 400,000 bumps are Aramith balls with still smooth playability, whilst other balls are already unbrauchbar. So it doesn’t matter Wonder so Aramith balls Konsequenterweise For Commercial As Well As For The Domestic Use the best.Ball Set
Pool Ball Set
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Price: £99.22

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