Jonny 8 Ball 42″ JET JUNIOR PRO 2pc ASH Snooker Pool Cue 9mm Elk Master Tip

Contemporary, ‘no nonsense’ quality design – this cue only measures 42″ and is ideal for young players or small spaces!
42″ standard centre jointed cue – butt and shaft each measure 21″; Cue is suitable for both snooker and pool
Quality North American Ash shaft ;Plain contemporary ‘black metallic’ butt design with Jonny 8 Ball logo
Quick release brass joint; 9mm Elk Master leather ‘stick-on’ tip and brass ferrule
Rubber butt bumper to protect cue – safley show your approval of a good shot!; Weighs 15oz – 17oz – request a wait via message and we’ll do our best to supply it!
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Price: £19.45

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