Handmade 4 piece Ash Snooker/Pool Cue with Handstitched Cue Case, Mini-Butt and Telescopic Extension.

This is a lovely handmade handspliced 3/4 Ash Snooker Cue for sale. The shaft is extremely smooth, 3/4 jointed To A Rosewood Butt with 4 hand splices. The tip size Is 9.5mm and has a brand new tip fitted. The cue also comes With a 6 Inch Rosewood Mini Butt which screws straight into the base. The Cue has a lovely feel to it and is extremly smooth through the bridge. The weight is approx 19OZ and 57.1″ in length. There is an additional 17-27 Inch extension as well.Cue Features: Cue Length: 145cm, Tip Size: 9.50mm, weight: 19OZ, Rosewood butt with 4 pieces of beautiful zebra wood inlays, Grade A
Case Features: Brand new Light and Dark Brown 3/4 case which features three brass catches and Internally there is a soft comfort material giving your Cue added protection, Carry Handle
Also comes with a 16-27 Inch screw on extension, telescopic extension and a mini butt
There may be some variations from what you see in the photos as they are made with real wood (not painted) so it can not be 100% exact to the sampled photo
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Price: £56.99

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