BOXWOOD Cue Tip Clamp with Ferrule File & TWEETEN CUE TIP CEMENT

Slide over the top of your cue and pull down brass ring to tighten (do not over tighten), We recommend you wrap thin peice of card or material around your cue shaft before using this clamp, to help protect your shaft
Weighted flat brass top helps put pressure on the tip and holds it in place, Complete with ferrule file and file guiding gap to clean any old glue off your brass ferrule and level before applying new tip
Quality glue made by Tweeten’s, Tweeten’s also make Triangle Chalks and Elk Master tips, Gum based glue – apply a little to each surface and wait a few minutes
Apply cue tip to cue and leave to dry before sanding and shaping, Dries in 10 minutes – (recommend leaving several hours or over night for a better bond)
Made in the USA, Directions for use on side of tube, Can be used for other materials and applications, Not toxic or harmful to environment, Does not give off strong vapors or odors
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Price: £12.88

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